BECAUSE EVERY KairosWWT works with women in Coventry at risk of sexual exploitation supporting them on their journey towards safety, stability and self-belief WOMAN MATTERS

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Recently, we collaborated with Agenda on the impacts of mental health on young women. Read the blog and full briefing here.

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Your support can help some of Coventry’s most vulnerable women


We are recruiting a full time Support and Advocacy Practitioner, to join the Kairos WWT team and make a real difference in Coventry. 

CLOSING DATE: Thursday 19th May


We believe in the value and dignity of all women and aim to increase the life-chances, choices and wellbeing of women caught up in prostitution, affected by or at risk of sexual exploitation in Coventry. We collaborate with women to support them, focusing on safety, stability and self-belief.

How We Make A Difference

Our specialist, women-centred services change lives every day.

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People say that Kairos feels like a family. We’re united by our vision and passion to stand alongside vulnerable women and see them reach their full potential.


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